Haiku: Watcher


November 18, 2012 at 04:38PM
(Photo credit: ETMC2)

I sometimes look up,
playfully wonder — who is
looking down at me?

7 thoughts on “Haiku: Watcher”

    1. Oh I love that song! That’s Men At Work, the ones who also sang Overkill and Down Under so definitely not a one-hit wonder. The singer and guitarist in that band – the name escapes me for the moment – is a lyrical genius.

      1. I mixed up two songs please forgive my old mind…failing…I was thinking of Rockwell “somebody’s watching me”…yes, I remember Men At Work..all from the same time..I know they weren’t one hit guys but compared to say The Beatles, so many these days are basically one hits to me…I hope your day is lovely so far & again forgive the mix up in my old mind!

        1. Hey we all do that. I actually get Somebody’s Watching Me stuck in my head quite often. Same era for sure, I spent my childhood in the 80’s in the Detroit ‘burbs so every time I hear a familiar old song I have to lump it into pretty much that decade.

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