My idea is that perspective is a tool . . .

If you imagine that you’re somewhere looking out at the world, where would that place be?

If you see yourself as the hockey puck, this is what I would call a perspective fail
If you see yourself as the hockey puck, this is what I would call a “perspective fail”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would it be a beach? A rainforest or a café? A Rainforest Cafe? Would it be a prison, or a chain gang? The difference between the way these views play out is the power of perspective, and if leveraged properly it has the potential to have a significant impact on our lives; for example, a person who thinks they’re being walked on can feel as though the world is out to get them, and wouldn’t it be a less friendly place if they let those feelings guide their actions? Meanwhile a person who lets nothing knock them out of their groove will most likely succeed due to their can-do, never-say-die attitude.

I could personify that a bit more. I do now, but I could move even more in that direction. I mean, am I becoming complacent with my situation, or am I actually beginning to enjoy it?

It feels like enjoyment. I was once in prison here, and now it’s like a team sport.

What do you think? Could you similize your perspective to another situation? What would it be? I’m very curious; let us know in the comments!

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


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