Thought Sauce

Thought Sauce

If I spoke my mind,
you might not like what you hear;
because my mind is not yours
and your thoughts are not here.
There’s millions of things
that I would like to say,
but if I were to say them
you would just go away —
which would suit me fine,
if I were so stingy with time;
but look down the line,
and what’s mine is not mine.
Not anymore!
It belongs to all time,
since I tend to open my mouth
and blatantly speak my mind.

This post was prompted by this week’s What If? writing challenge. What if you spoke your mind?

What if? Weekly writing challenge


  1. Love the title “Thought Sauce”. Very different and catchy, perfect for a little rhyming insight into Rob. Thanks for linking up, I enjoyed the poem.

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