Hopping Madness

I have this amazing ability: disappear here, reappear there. I wish it could stave off the calamity, but the more I use it the more I swear they’re after me – and they want my magic mojo! Go. So I started off easy, just popping in to work; but the guys started to treat me like I’m some kind of jerk, ’cause they didn’t expect to see me (now you do / now you don’t.) And then one day the warning bell – I popped in and landed right in hot water! Men in suits – zoot suits – Go. I only go so far – there’s a limit to my bag. But a couple hops would get me to where I could snag a chickadee in Chechnya who could give me a clue about the power And the screws, but the heat is on my trail like I’m spreading bird flu… pop in, pop out – shake it all about – “Catch me if you can!” Go.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. Catch me if you can (losers), ‘cuz I’m the g.d. Surf Man.
    Fools, how can you capture a spirit,
    soaring over the fields and hills of Dakota.
    We ‘own’ no land, you see.
    The Chinookans told us that,
    and stoo-pid us,
    we slapped them into reservations.
    Now, some of them,
    are laughing all the way
    to the bank.
    Yes, listen to the phone appeal
    from the Apaches (?)
    who live so far from the casinos,
    Listen to the wind.

  2. I like “… snag a chickadee in Chechnya …” Did you have any idea what you were going to write? Or did it just come out as stream of consciousness?

    • A little combination, mostly off-the-cuff but at the moment I had a mind to rhyme and throw down some different vernacula. Like I had the first two lines in mind, and as soon as I typed them it was just go time.

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