The stuff of Surfer Rob’s nightmares

What would you do if the cosmic keystone of your life was suddenly taken away from you?

See, the Daily Post asked, if I lost my job – what would I do next?

(Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

I would panic, and it’s somewhat likely that I would go insane. You see, my greatest fear is that I might lose my job, and as a result, my entire life would just fall down around me like a crumbling temple; no keystone, no arch, no support, nothing. This job, which pays me more per hour and gives me more hours than any job I’ve ever had before, pays the mortgage and the bills, puts food on the table, clothes on clan Rosses backs, and gas in our cars.

Part of me knows that we can live without some of that stuff, and that there’s programs in place to help people in such situations; but when you come so far, tried and worked so hard, it’s tough to take a fall like that – especially when you’ve been through it a few times already. I’m like that person you know who got in a single car accident and has become the white-knuckle passenger.

But even though it feels like this life is a house of cards, I know that if it is so then I’m a guy who take all the cards together.

There’s one in every bunch, you know.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I was fairly nonchalant in my previous post about not needing the modern trappings if I was stranded on a desert island, but living in the modern world demands an appropriately trapped lifestyle – I mean, think of Sisyphus, rolling his stone uphill; or Tantalus with food and water in reach; or even Charlie Brown trying to kick a football. How does it feel to have success in your sight and to have it pulled away at the last moment, like you’re a dog being teased?

It feels like failure, and nobody likes to fail.

So that’s my crippling fear of losing my job! Kind of dramatic, right? And you’re all like, “gee, loosen up, Rob!”

After the initial panic wears off, I’d go straight to the hunt. I’d apply for unemployment, hook up with the online job service website, and talk to a friend or two. There are plenty of jobs around here, and some that pay significantly more than this one – if I look for them, I’m sure to find them.

You know that tape I used to tape my house of cards together? That’s my budget. Get a good budget, and even with no savings you can make it work up to a month between jobs. Around here, that’s about three weeks more than I would need.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


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