I think the stars are a little out of alignment

Well, I just found out that today is Friday the 13th; and now it all makes sense.

I mean, I knew it was Friday, and I knew it was the 13th, but I’m the kind of guy who won’t put two and two together until someone says, “Friday the 13th.” The only thing is, mine started yesterday afternoon at about 4:30pm – right as I was getting ready to clean up at the end of my work day.

Wouldn’t you know it?

Everything that could go wrong at that point did. I ended up leaving a note for the night operator asking him to take care of the issue, and left work a half hour late, to boot. I got home, and Mme. Ross was frustrated because her sewing machine went on the blink and refused to cooperate any longer. To make matters worse, the chokecherry brandy we bought was tasting more like kerosene than ever and so we finished it off in disgusted defiance.

I forgot to do my Jedi workout this morning. I get to work and there’s no sign of the regular night operator – he had a random medical issue come up and couldn’t make it in – and it turns out the guy who ran my machine didn’t fix the issue but just calibrated the torch and ran the machine – we’ll see if quality control picks up on that one, because I’m almost certain bad parts were made. I spent the first two hours not only getting the torch aligned but doing some of the things the night operator should have done. And I’m not too thrilled with today’s Daily Post prompt, because I’ve got nothing for it. Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s spelled “derring-do”, whereas “daring do” might denote a particularly bold and audacious hairstyle, as in “boy, that’s a daring ‘do, did you just get it cut?”

Now I’m sweating. We have our home appraisal today, and we might find out about the home inspection, which was yesterday morning. Will it be more bad news, or am I just being superstitious? I can’t afford a new roof!

It turns out that it wasn’t just the plasma torch that was out of alignment, but the stars were too; Friday the 13th got a nine-hour head start and who can I blame for that? Did someone mess with our clocks and calendars, or is global precession throwing it out of whack?

How is your Friday the 13th going – is it just another day, or are strange things afoot at the local Circle K? Do you know what movie that’s from? Let us know in the comments!


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