I’ve been flipped so many times, now I’m finally done

Do you ever find marks from your past that you wish would magically disappear?

Anger Controlls Him
Draw a curly moustache on this guy! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rage, oh I flew into a rage! You know, I always hated moving around as much as I did after graduating high school (in ’95, if you were wondering,) but one positive thing about it is you can leave those marks behind, along with the ever-present memory of having lost control of your emotions. Losing control is a big loss, but leaving all that behind is so small. I think I can manage it.

The last time I raged was a few years ago. I call that a pretty good record. I get mad, I crab, I rant – but I don’t rage. I’m cooling down, and I’m so glad for that because finally I feel as though I’ve left the late adolescent stage of my life; I was a late bloomer in many things physiological. Now it seems Surfer Rob is cool, calm, straight, relaxed, chill, hanging loose – positively glassy – and that’s not too terrible. When we leave this home at the beginning of the year for the new one, we’re also leaving behind a little piece of evidence that I’d like to put out of my mind – a time when I let it all get to me, not long after we moved into this home.

If I manage to prevent my own children from having to live with the evidence of their own behavioral fails, I’ll consider it a double blessing.

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  1. Loved Your Post!! MATURE?? Life is to Short DUDE!…..LOL…Not really! It’s very Humorous when I see new men come to their 1st Gamblers Anonymous meeting, and just listen & watch, funny, they are very NOT Mature, and don’t get me started on the “EGO” thing! Then, after about 6 months, ( for those who make 6 months)….a MIRACLE starts to happen in them!! Recovery can be a Beautiful Thing! YEAH BABY! *HAPPY CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR*
    Author, Catherine Lyon

    • Oh boy, ego – that plays such a role in many addictions, and losing the temper is one of those. I mentioned in a recent post about how some people want to snap – because they need that release. My thing was always getting too much stress and not a strong enough coping mechanism. Recovery from that has been a great relief.

      Happy holidays to you and yours!
      Surfer Rob

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