People Are Hilarious: the Smexxi Beast!

I’m thinking about this fun kind of post I might call something like People Are Hilarious. A photo of something that makes me want to laugh at someone.


Case in point: I was headed out to the new Clan Ross home this morning with a load of family treasures and found myself sitting at a light behind one Sexy Mexican . . . or is it smelly Mexican? Smelly sex? Is it portmanteau of both smelly and sexy, as in “I am one smexxi sumgun?” I don’t know, but I’m thinking this is a great example of an unfortunate vanity plate choice. And what’s worse is that this person, when applying for the plate, has to explain what it means. What was that like, and how shamelessly and glibly did they blurt it out?

Here’s an idea: this person’s next vanity plate should say SMOOFUS.


  1. I think the new post idea is a good one. It would probably work better if you already had an accumulation of photos just in case you couldn’t find anything hilarious to take pictures of for awhile (Odds are… I know, right!). I, for one, would be a follower – oh, wait, I already am… well, you know what I mean.

    • I meant for it to be somewhat spontaneous, rather than a regular feature – but if I looked around enough, I’d probably have enough material for a weekly post, if not a daily!

      And I do appreciate your following. 🙂

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