Haiku: Slog


English: Long Slog up Beinn An Dothaidh.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes things will trudge,
and what to do but proceed?
Better slow than stopped.

Our home is taking shape, but at a slower pace than I want it to. A testament to the busy business of day-to-day life, it refuses to spring into a whole, leaving me feeling at the end of the weekend that I’ve gotten little done. And I have yet to catch up on the blogosphere. L’chaim!

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  1. I love this haiku. It makes me think of these lines from Hopkin’s “The Windhover” — “Sheer plod makes plough down sillion shine.” http://www.bartleby.com/122/12.html

    I also love the photo. Nothing more beautiful to me than high mountains, snow and an open horizon. Sigh.

  2. Rob, I just wanted to tell you, speaking from the position of a writer, that this one is so true.

    Creative thoughts crammed
    into the bus of my brain
    Who will get out first?

    Look how you inspire me, Rob.

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