One surfer’s soliloquy

If I could be guaranteed one person was reading this blog, do you know who it would be?

Not one, but many.
Not separate, but one.
Every eye;
Every heart;
Every mind.
Every opinion, and every walk of life.
Every variegation of the sole human color;
Every twig and leaf on the tree of mankind;
Every faith, be it Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, what have you —
Adherents to the Church of the Subgenius, I salute your quest for Slack;
And you Flying Spaghetti Monster guys, you know I’ve got your back.
Each and every one of you seven billion souls —
No matter who or what or where you are, if you’re reading this blog, you have my deepest appreciation.
Because of you, I feel connected.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. Aw! Rob, I’m touched. *sniff, sniff* Seriously, Rob, your soliloquy made me want to cry. I’m punishing you by adding you to the Blog Roll at Cimmy’s Stories. Now Suffer!

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