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Life is made up of all these endeavors, all these things that we intend to do and every move we make with intent to complete some goal. Brush your teeth, drink some whiskey, punch someone on the shoulder, whether or not you realized the minute before that you were going to. But then we have these BIG things – things that are really important, and we hang a lot of meaning on those things and their outcomes.

Like for example, you’re looking to get into your first home (as in buying it.)
A lot of people go out and start looking at houses without realizing they should first go to a bank and get pre-approved for a loan. If you get the pre-approval, my impression is that you’ve got the loan, because this has worked twice for Mme. Ross and me. The whole process is arduous and complex – even when you’re not doing all the paperwork and underwriting – but you get that first step and you might just be golden.

Then there’s the house. The house could fall through for a number of reasons, and so a lot of the stress comes from knowing that if it falls through and it’s your fault, you lose the earnest money you have to put down on the deal; of course, that entails walking away from the purchase, which is why they want that earnest money in the first place – that way, they have assurance that you’re serious about the house. If the house falls through and it’s not your fault, now you have to go looking for another house and start the negotiation process all over again! Close, but no cigar, pal. Go back to start and don’t bother asking the bank for your two hundred bucks (that’s a Monopoly reference – you get your earnest money back in those cases.)

But once you’re in the house it doesn’t end. Since the house we just bought is our second house, we got a nice little bit of money at the closing. So we’re trying to figure out what all needs to be done and what we want to do and have at the new house. Then we actually get plumbers out to plumb in laundry machines in the basement, and they just say they have to come back later and do an estimate because there’s no existing drain or exhaust. So even this little snag becomes a bigger disappointment that it should be.

Sometimes I wish things would just get done. I wish I had more time to get things done. I often feel like I’m this close, but then…
no cigar.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.

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  1. But you aren’t giving up, and all the struggles right at the start will make your new house seem like your new home that much sooner.
    (I’m guessing here. I rent.)
    (But it sounds inspirational, and you sound like you could use it.)
    (Maybe not the parenthetical asides so much.)
    (But I have to use a certain amount of them daily, or I lose my endorsement deal.)
    (And we wouldn’t want that would we? I mean, I wanna buy a house too one day!)

    • You’re right, though, and I’m really just impatient. It’s a whole process and I think part of me is just like, ‘let’s get this over with and all this money gone because heaven knows none of it is going to pay the medical bills.’ (you have a parenthetical endorsement deal? I’ve been playing both sides of a semicolon / hyphen war, trying to figure out who pays more.) And if you buy a house someday, I hope that it’s upstate with lots of green green grass. 🙂

  2. Oh, life is full of disappointments. Try to concentrate on what you can do to move the situation forward. Or maybe, just wash your clothes at a laundry mat? You can always use the time to write or people watch. 🙂

  3. I believe it was supposed to happen this way, honestly the plumber came today on accident he wasn’t supposed to be here until next Thursday anyway. So we might get everything done quicker than if he had shown up next Thursday and told us he couldn’t do it right away.
    Homes are time consuming but I think the whole process is worth it.

    • You’re probably right, I’m just sick of not knowing for sure what to say about the water heater thing, but I guess it sounded like he knew what I was talking about, so that makes one of us. Here’s to the experts: real men of genius!

  4. Growing up in a military family we moved every couple of years or so and I could never understand why mom would be so irritable. That’s because I had no idea of all the little nitnoid details and complications that moving a household entailed. And now…I totally understand. =) Sending good new house vibes your way!

    • Thanks! Yeah, even on the male side of it, it’s a huge pain between all the grunt work and the logistics and shelling out money left and right, until you realize that it’s all over and life is suddenly too slow for your taste . . . I need to start running again. 🙂

  5. I remember when we first bought our house. We’ve been here three and a half years now and there’s still a lot that needs to be done to fix it. Little by little is the watchword we use when it comes to that. Anyway, have fun in your new house.

  6. Enjoyed your post. Isn’t that what life is? Desire: getting so close and then longing for it because you didn’t achieve it or achieving it and then, once that desire it fulfilled, another one takes its place, with even more urgency and need. Good luck with the house! Don’t forget to breathe and take time out to practice your surfing skills. Best wishes from Europe!

  7. Hey, Rob, congrats on the new house ! =) I trust that the laundry situation has been handled by now and you guys are settling in quite nicely. =) I love the “whiskey and shoulder-punching”, reminds me of how many insignificant things I do on a daily basis, as all us humans must. =) Good luck with the new abode…

    • Thanks, and thank you for hitting the “wayback” button, that doesn’t happen nearly often enough. We’re fairly well settled at this point, though we look around and see all the stuff we have yet to do – kitchen floor and counters, upstairs bathroom floor, replumb the clawfoot tub, new fixture and shower hardware for that are here but not installed, all the carpet will be removed from the premises, all the wallpaper will be stripped, the plastered over wainscoting (oh god, why??) underneath has to be replaced with drywall, removing the shower stall from the main floor bathroom . . . you get the point, I think; this response could take all day!

  8. Your list is exhausting to read, let alone accomplish… but how AESOME that must feel to scratch things off your list one at a time, and see the tangible results right in front of you ! =) Ooh, claw footed tub ?! Yes, officially jealous. =)

  9. Ah, the joys of home ownership… cannot imagine trying to finagle a huge old tub thru doorways. You could just push it thru the wall and then install some pretty french doors in the resulting hole, all that added light… ! =)

  10. Ooh, and you could line it with flowers and if you get really creative, you could put in a small pool directly underneath, and then could run and jump… !

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