Haiku: Watchers


Bug eyes
Bug eyes (Photo credit: shuttergirl3)

So many bug eyes
pry, our privacy is lost —
what have we to hide?

Here’s a related video:

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  1. This is my take on “reality” TV shows: it’s a take, turned inside out, on the old show formats.

    The first kind involves “studio unknowns”. Producers attempt to emulate known formats like sitcom, game show, soap opera romance, and so on. We are meant to laugh at the awkward juxtaposition: “Oh ho ho, look at those Average Joes, pretending to be celebrities!”

    The second kind involves celebrities, of course, and these shows take on more of a documentary style. Again, we’re meant to laugh at the awkward reversal: “Hahaha, look at these celebrities, pretending to be Average Joes!”

    But I hadn’t thought of a connection to attitudes about surveillance. The PBS Idea Channel host makes a very good point, I think, that the Big Brother show format already is surveillance.

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