Haiku: Creation


Creation Disintegrates
(Photo credit: Meredith Rendall Photography)

Acts of Creation
are not so concerned with art
as they are with life.

I know you’re all dying to know – yesterday’s installation of our new furnace went gloriously; I wasn’t here for it because I was working all day, but Mme. Ross informed me that the guys showed up and said “we’re not leaving until we have this furnace up and running.” The old furnace – a beast from the mid-30’s – came out FAST, and the house was back to normal by the time I got home. I am an official fan of Cooling & Heating Unlimited in Bismarck!

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10 thoughts on “Haiku: Creation”

    1. I’m sort of stoked because when I got the first bill for seven days and it was the same as what we used to pay for a month in the old house I think I laid an egg. I told my wife “we might as well cancel everything else if this is what the energy bill is going to be like. Cable, phones, Netflix, Internet . . . ”

      You say “Internet” these days, and that’s when people start to get it.

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