Kent reflected.

Persistence hunts – reduced to chasing their food until it dropped dead!

Bullets were for robos.

Then Jek busted his leg. It was bad; he lay in the tent, half-dead from pain.

“Sorry kid.” Kent shot him in the face. “We can’t carry you.”

At least they’d eat good.

This flash fiction in 50 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan (tent).

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    • I’m glad I can provoke something coherent with just fifty words. Sometimes it’s a wonder I can even function with so little to work with. 🙂

      Still, I got to wondering how far survivalists will regress in an end-of-society scenario. I imagine some will view excessive humanity as an unnecessary hindrance; in shedding that, it puts them closer in nature to the enemy.

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