Haiku: Structure


Structure II
(Photo credit: conceptDawg)

Each action a cell,
every choice a component —
your thoughts become you.


We all do and say things that we regret later, and sometimes we get the feeling that such behavior cycles are the theme of our lives – at least, I hope it’s a general trait, or I’m going to be all alone in this; but every day we find ourselves bombarded with choices to which we must respond. A lot of them get a form letter, a standard response based on an admixture of gut reaction and similar successful interactions from the past.

This is all good and well for the primitive human, the survivalist-mode organism, but what about modern man? Are we doing it wrong more often than not? When we apply mindfulness to our interactions, is it possible we can come out with a richer experience, thus guiding ourselves to become someone better? Someone different? Can we become more likeable, more friendly, and more successful?

It’s a tough principle to apply, because it must be done intentionally on all levels, from the thought to the decision to the action – and it must be done consistently to become a way of life. I do believe personal change can be effected in this way, but the problem is this: sometimes it seems that we don’t have the luxury to think everything out.

So what then? I suppose we keep fighting the good fight and hope to find a solution to the stressing situations that combat our goal of mindfulness. It’s all we can do, am I right?

Now go live your adventure, and let it find you making mindful decisions today.

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  1. Great post, and very timely for me, as well. =) This has been a year of personal change and growth for me, and I am realizing that even a few minutes of real consideration makes all the difference in my mind, and world.

    Everything is a process, but if we continue along the path we are actively choosing to follow, I believe that greater things await us than were available before. We do make the life we wish to lead… it is the length of the journey that sometimes seems daunting to me. =)

    Have a great day living your best, adventurous life. =)

  2. I think, personally, is that when I become “over mindful” which sounds weird or crazy, then things go haywire. I mean, if we have to stop and try to “figure out” every single decision we make, we complete attention and mindfulness, then, how could we possibly get anything done? I think the idiom “don’t sweat the small stuff” has to come into play, because truthfully, some of the really “insignificant” decisions are supposed to be mindless – but the more important ones, the ones that can or do touch on our personal core beliefs and truths and essences, then yes, by all means, they require more attention and time. And perhaps, as a general means of walking and engaging with the world on a whole, we need to be more aware and mindful – less self-centered in our tendencies to over-react and jump the gun – perhaps this is because we are over-stimulated by too much of the “fluff fillers and garbage noise”?

    Interesting post and Haiku Rob.

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