Haiku: Treebeard


The Last March of the Ents, Pt.1
(Photo credit: DaltonKat2)

With doom we come, chant
Ents — ‘gainst metal and wheels, with
Hobbits riding high.


This haiku is just one in a series of haiku that serialise Tolkien’s The Two Towers a chapter at a time. See the list at Laith’s Ramblings and read a new one every day; if you’re interested, grab one of the few chapters remaining and join in the challenge! Do you haiku?

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14 thoughts on “Haiku: Treebeard”

  1. My foxling is going to lose her mind when she sees this one… not only does she love poetry in all forms, but she is a huge LOTR fan ! The lego Ent is just liking me, how cool is that ?! =) Have a great day, Rob ! =)

    1. Thanks! I’m a big Lego fan myself, and after several minutes of trying to find a decent picture I decided this one was just too cool for school. Very interesting things are to be found upon the Net!

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