Haiku: Allure


English: A California surfer. Santa Cruz and t...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ocean beckons —
sea-salt breezes, sighing surf . . .
vow to restore me.


Today’s haiku was inspired by tishmoon from the blog foxfairymoon; in response to my comment on her recent post on my mind, she proved my suspicion in this case: that even if someone is hesitant to dabble in haiku or other poetic forms, it doesn’t stop them from doing it unconsciously.

Yes, you too can haiku.

Now go live your adventure.


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7 thoughts on “Haiku: Allure”

  1. Yes, the ocean ALWAYS beckons… Here’s hoping you and your girls make it to the Pacific soon, to enjoy that awesome surf ! =) Thanks, Rob… have a great day ! =)

      1. Yeah for sure I’ll have to check it out! I’ve found a lot of styles to delve into through reading different blogs on here and I’m totally down.

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