Daily Haiku 2014.04.07–

(Image credit: Andy Chase, a.k.a. Usonian @ Flickr)

Nature invades —
even in silent places,
ages of green chaos.


Those who read often may notice a change in the haiku format moving forward – now that I’ve written over half a year’s haiku, I think I’m overdue to free up my style and so I’ll be working to bring forth a higher quality format; things that can stand alone even though I’ll probably still post with pictures because that’s how I like to do it (I do it all for you, you know;) I’m striking down syllable strictures and I’m tossing out titles because I have a decision-making malfunction that I don’t care to spend much time working with and they’re somewhat beside the point.

Cleaner, leaner, meaningful-er. That’s what I’m aiming for.

Go live your adventure.


14 thoughts on “Daily Haiku 2014.04.07–”

  1. Ooh… great plan ! =) Cannot wait to see what you come up with, Rob. =)
    Thanks for always inserting an interesting snap, your images are beautiful and really complement your words… um, which is the whole point. =)

    Have a wonderful day… =)

    1. Well you know I’m obligated to say that most of the images I use are not mine, but others’ photos which have been made available under the Creative Commons license, some allowing and others disallowing commercial use; I hope at least the captions make that clear. But I’ll keep on rolling no matter what!

      You have a great day, Tish. 🙂

          1. Yes, it is a talent of mine… always being right. =)

            Have a great day tomorrow, no working too hard, for either of you ! =)

            ps-do I dare ask… how is the tub coming ? =)
            pps- have no idea why last comment was all caps…

            1. The tub. I’m about fed up with trying to deal with bathroom stuff in general. The overflow still leaks – and bad – but we’ve been able to bathe our daughter so that’s a step ahead. Everything I try to do is a headache and I don’t have time for it so I just put it out of my mind! 🙂

              1. I am sorry I asked, this is beginning to sound like the movie “The Money Pit”… =0 At least the baby’s clean, that is a step in the right direction. =) Just chant “It’s all good”, over and over, and perhaps the bathroom fairy will completely remodel while you three slumber… if not, there is always next weekend. =) At least you don’t have squirrels in your roof…

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