On Dubious Seashell-Names:

On Dubious Seashell-Names:

(Image credit: Karunakar Rayker, a.k.a. wildxplorer @ Flickr)

It might sound dirty but I’d like to sell
a list of names for various shells;
some common names like “peruvian hat”
even though it smells of flaps . . .

’cause other names come off impure —
not “snout otter clam” which is less sure —
but “strawberry top”, and “incised moon”:
surely slang from a dark saloon.

Some with names like “shuttlecock volva” —
less to imagine, more to dare;
and the one called “striped engina”
need not be seen to raise one’s hair.

So we can see how easy it is
to see “triangular nutmeg” unfoxed —
not to mention “ghastly miter”, and
“Lazarus jewel box”.

I tire of trying to make this rhyme
so I think I’ll leave it to say
that this sounds less like a list of seashells
than the crass things young men might say!


This poem was prompted by today’s napowrimo.net post; To see the whole list of shell names, follow the link!


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