Daily Haiku 2014.04.21

(Image credit: Graeme Churchard, a.k.a. GOC53 @ Flickr, via Wikipedia)

Spirits of past and future
watching from Dreamtime —
ancient memory


*In case you’re interested, there’s an episode of Ancient Mysteries on YouTube about Aboriginal Dreamtime. If you’re a fan of either Leonard Nimoy or cultural myths it’s worth watching, but it’s 45 minutes long and I felt like it might be presumptuous for me to embed it here.

April is National Poetry Writing Month; celebrate by writing a poem.


  1. Ooh…neat-o ! =)

    Now we have something to watch later… thanks, Rob ! =) I think the one girl in the middle looks like a Frida Kahlo ! =)

    Thanks for the cool poem… have a lovely week with your ladies, and I hope the gods of spring shine down upon your abode and you have smooth sailing in the repair and remodel departments ! =)

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