Saving your marriage and starting a revolution…REALLY???

I’m supposed to say why I’m reblogging something here, so I’ll say that I want you to read it and consider whether you would join a revolution to topple traditional media; I’d do it in a heartbeat. I don’t watch it, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s wasting space and time.

It’s time to get that back.

Culture Monk

st louis

By Kenneth Justice

My wife had kicked me out of the house and I felt like everything was caving in on me

~ Last month I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visiting with readers and fellow bloggers on my Drinking in the Culture Tour. One of the bloggers I met with was a 40ish year old accountant, husband, and father of three children.

Kenneth, I think the success of your blog is that you’ve captured a small picture of Americana, or more specifically the human experience. People read the stories you tell and it’s obvious that they are about real people like myself; we see ourselves in the people you write about and we can relate to them” he said

Apparently, while in his mid-30’s the accountant went through a mid-life crisis, “I was making a ton of money but I was married to my work…

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  1. Rob, my local community does not do blogging. They are generally stuck in a rut and the vast majority does Facebook, and that’s really about it. Maybe Twitter… maybe.

    You can stretch west to Yakima, maybe even Wenatchee, and north to Spokane, and it’s more or less about the same. I never liked the withering disdain coming from the I-5 (freeway) corridor (Seattle to Portland) about us being a cultural wasteland, but in this regard, the sentiment has some merit.

    If you want to topple the media conglomerates, that’s fine, but I don’t want our local media to go away. Granted, many of the parent companies are very much out of state, but, still, do away with it, and the lowest common denominator is m****f****** Facebook.

    • You know, I don’t have so much a problem with local media — there’s something to be said for pertinent news coverage, and those outlets tend to be a lot more honest and down-to-earth, because they’re in the business of delivering news and such, and that’s what they want to do (I hope) while compromising the funding issue with advertising.

      Big media, however, is the bugaboo that’s historically been charged with oversexualizing, objectifying, misleading, pushing the red herring . . . every grievance that seems to come up over the news is, in my view, more about the stuff you can see anywhere in the world as opposed to the stuff you get at home. I wouldn’t get rid of the local news and weather, but I can’t figure out why anyone would need CNN or MSNBC or even FOX when the same news is picked up “over the wire” and spread by our local media outlets in a more pertinent fashion. Blogging, then, becomes the discussion, and a more well-informed one without some of the noise from the big boys.

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