Daily Haiku 2014.05.01 —

(Image credit: Julie Stewart @ theindecisiveeejit.com)

pink snow drifts
a rustling bed sheet —
apple blossoms


Do you know why I like to write haiku? It’s because I like nature; the natural world fascinates me, gives me something to delight in. At the end of every hard-earned day, it’s my reason to believe.

Believe in what, you might ask? I believe that every day I can make myself better – I watch myself work my way through life, moving back-and-forth in this rhythm of get ahead, fall back, get ahead . . . It falls into a rhythm because I want to believe.

Some people let setbacks hold them back from getting up on the horse again, but I can’t afford to hold back; for every winter there’s a spring, and a triumphant summer before the inevitable fall. Let it be, I say, and give yourself room to believe.

If nothing else, it will give you something constructive to do.



  1. Now THIS is the kind of snow I like… =) How gorgeous, Rob… I like that you are plying the newly-emerging seasons into your craft. =)

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  3. Great pairings and words – and fantastic image from Juls!

    And your thoughts – well done – perfect tie into the prompt – and very well said. πŸ™‚

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