Daily Haiku 2014.05.09 —

Slottskogen in April
(Image credit: Nahid Vafaie @ Flickr)

red lantern
ripe for the picking —
strange fruit


So here I am, sitting in my car, trying to think of something to talk about; my narrow brush with having to work Saturday before Mothers’ Day, which would have eliminated any possibility of getting a proper day off; the countless other things I’m thinking about — work, vacation, better job prospects, and the ever-present budget. I’m used to the latter being a ball that’s always in the air, but now with the addition of the others I feel like I’m juggling a little more than I prefer at the moment. The resolutions to these things are much like the lantern, hung from a branch just out of my reach.

If I am the wave and also the ocean, then I should be able to count on these things coming to me on their own; but I’m human —

I’m ready for an adventure, and the countdown til the next event stands at less than eleven days.


  1. Lovely thoughts (well perhaps not so much in the sense of the sentiments of stress but rather as pairings) with your Haiku and image.

    Here’s hoping that all will fall into rightful place and that you feel relief and ease from the strain of being an anxiety ridden human; Let it all go and have a wonderful weekend – breathing and living through each moment, especially when with your family.

  2. Another great post… 11 days until what, I wonder…?! Hope all news is good news and you do indeed get a happy and easy Saturday tomorrow ! =)

        • 😀
          The problem is I don’t want to jinx it, because it’s a better opportunity; plus I’m not intimately familiar with the extents of my blog’s readership and I have to consider the known unknown and its potential impact on the opportunity — not to mention the unknown effect it may have on our Summer Surf Adventure, whose fate now hangs in the balance. We will see how the events unfold; I’m only holding back a little bit of what we will discover. 🙂

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