What if we started a blog fight club?

Hey if this idea sounds intriguing, shoot JED some feedback. Sounds like fun!

Okay, What if ?

Okay I had this really weird thought on the way home today. It started out with a bit of silliness trying to think about a good blog post. Somehow I started thinking about fight club (not at all sure why, haven’t seen it in years) and it wiggled it’s way into my blog thoughts.

Next thing I know I’m paraphrasing the famous movie line “The first rule of blog fight club is, you tell everybody about blog fight club!”. Then I just started giggling at myself until suddenly I thought That could actually make a real, entertaining adventure for us bloggers!

blogfightSo let me explain a little bit about the way I think it could work. Let’s use a bracket style concept and say we start with sixteen blogs. Each blogger writes about the same subject but using their own style. They hold their post and don’t publish until told…

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  1. Feedback shot to JED. Thanks for posting! I love his idea.

    PS – Still working through some internet and cellular issues in Paradise, but its getting better (and if it doesn’t, who cares, I am in paradise :-).

  2. Tell everyone about blog fight club? Hmmm…

    I am interested in the idea, if only to bring more yang masculine energy to balance the yin feminine energy that seems to dominate blogging right now. I mean, I do love my blogger homegirls, but I want some pure, unapologetic blogging brotherhood now and then.

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