A new blog born today

This is all pretty vague but if you take a look at my Twitter feed, there’s links to more info. Basically, Rara went to jail on May 4th and is awaiting her next court date on the 23rd. The charge is embezzlement, to the tune of hundreds of thousands, from her former employer; anyone who knows her also knows that she is innocent, as she has maintained the whole time. Her buddies out in the blogosphere are now trying to raise a dollar at a time to help pay legal fees to a top-notch lawyer who’s practically giving it away because he knows they can win. If you have the means, feel free to give a buck. If not, consider reblogging this post so we can get the word out.

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen much from Rara since I stopped doing daily prompts and I almost never dip into my reader, but she is an excellent blogger and writer and has parlayed her skill into an online store of cool and cute clothing, stickers, etc. If you’re interested, find the link on her page and check it out.

As a community, we are connected; yet sometimes I feel like we are not connected enough in the most important ways. Were it not for Juls over at http://theindecisiveeejit.wordpress.com reblogging this post first, I may have missed it entirely. Whether I have visited someone’s page only a few times or whether I read them religiously, if you’re not trying to sell me something then I hold you and your blog in the highest esteem and I am proud to call you my blog buddy.
News like this needs to travel.
We need Rara in the ‘sphere.
We should be like that midnight bark thing on 101 Dalmatians that I heard about on that one episode of Stargate Atlantis.

Basically, if you agree then pass it on. Tweet it, share it, +1 it, and do whatever other suspicious-sounding things it takes to get the word out. By all means, reblog this post!

Our connectivity is our superpower, after all.


  1. Thanks again for keeping all your loyal readers in the loop ! =) The power of friendship and togetherness is an amazing thing… glad to be part of the effort to set things right for a very deserving couple !!!!!!!! =)

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