Daily Haiku 2014.06.10 —

(Image credit: JP the “Papyrazzi”)

hidden frog
peering out from life
to say hello

So I’m nailing it at life; there’s a lot going on during this run-up to the Summer Surf Adventure, but I’m doing my best to keep it all copacetic while accepting some small losses. Half of an attendance point at work for a day that I won’t have enough PTO to cover — small beans. A change in Mme. Ross’ daycare roster that affects household income . . . not so small, but hey — it’s just a detail. One marvelous thing about life is that it keeps you on your toes, and demands with fisted collars that we rise to meet our fates with chins up and hearts strong.

But I do have an issue with sudden changes; I need time to adjust to them, because every unexpected change makes me doubt the viability of a road trip to the Pacific; staying at a nice hotel in Seaside, Oregon; and learning to surf.

And then I say: “breathe, Rob. You can do this. You’re American, which means you can borrow, lie, seize, and conquer your way to the ocean. That’s where the next answer lies.

Go live your adventure.”

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  1. Great haiku, great attitude… Good morning, Rob ! =) =)

    I am sorry about the roster change, and the financial challenges that bring, but like you said, it is a detail at this point. =) I know the winds will blow change in, change is the only constant in this crazy, adventurous life. =)

    Here is an idea… how about getting a sponsor, or a LOT of sponsors, for the trip ? =) Stay away from ride sharing, though… ever watch Kalifornia ?! =) =)

    Am hoping that your trip happens this summer, and keep scheming… you all are gonna make this happen. =) Have a great day with your ladies !

    • Oh, it’s coming up, I just hope it all goes off without a hitch! I don’t know how sponsors work, but it sounds like asking for money, which would be against my programming — and sharing a ride? I don’t know . . . I’m one of those that has to have my own transportation available anyway!

      Still, good ideas and stuff to chew on. As ever, it’s good to have you here and I hope you and your foxling have a wonderful day!

      • Thanks, Rob ! =) I don’t know if it was your wishes, but we did indeed have a great half a day together ! =)

        Sponsorship could be something like trip cost in exchange for photography, store of the trip, thing alike that. =) I know you would never ask for money, you are not that kind of guy. =)

        Continued good luck… although you are creating the reality you desire… ! =)

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