Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts — The Sweater

The Sweater
(“The Sweater”, Rob Ross)

I took this photo this past Thursday when Mme. Ross and I went beach-hopping around coastal Oregon. We walked down a boardwalk path from the parking lot to the sand through a green corridor of old growth, which opened out onto the sand, but not without having to step over a couple of driftwood logs that might have washed up in the tide.

The larger of these made a convenient spot for some little girl’s pink sweater, keeping it off of the sand and giving it a place to showcase its personality with a bright splash of color against the neutral tones of the Oregon beach.

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is Contrasts.


  1. Hey Rob….I have been MIA from the blog world for a while but just have to say I am loving the new look of your site! Bravo! And I’m stoked for you that you’re getting closer to the surf!! Cheers! Karen

  2. Such great images — and details about your adventures — certainly makes for interesting reading, and room for the imagination to wonder and wander 🙂

    Love the shot!

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