Daily Haiku —

The Race Track
(Image credit: Eric Bryan)

“Death Valley” —
yet even the stones

What a busy day! Even as I attempted to get a little blogging in edgewise, the Earth kept shifting under me, leaving me slipping along my path like Tarzan on a branch. Filling in here, doing double-duty there; getting unpleasant news and then a little flash of hope, this is how the day rolls for me — a Monday, no less.

With my last post I said I’d post a photo gallery of some doodads and thingamajiggers that I surround myself with, and I’m not about to disappoint you, Intrepid Reader, so feast your eyes on just a few of my gems in my Flickr album “Keepers”. It’s just a dozen photos for now, but who knows? I might be moved to add more and see who comes by to see them.

In other news, I was proud to be interviewed this week by the hosts of the Kenny and Kylie show, a podcast all about bloggers. Listen to this week’s episode here. Ken Justice is the Culture Monk at culturemonk.com, while Kylie is the chronicler of her very own journeyofkylie.com. I listened to the podcast over lunch, and I have to say I sound a little better than I thought I would, though my recorded voice always sounds nasally and I tend to hem and haw at times.

Oh well, the world keeps moving under my feet!

At the end of the day, I had the haiku but no attendant message. I was nearing the finish line — within fifteen minutes of clocking out — when I was told to put the forks on the floor and leave because there was a storm coming; this is the kind of late-breaking news you get in a place with no windows! Call it a singular opportunity: leave without finishing clean-up? Why not!!

It was a whopper, too; I could see through the exit as I was clocking out and people were leaving before me. It made perfect sense, since it had been one of those days that was so hot and humid that there was no level of comfort in a manufacturing plant that lacks proper air conditioning. The sky was like charcoal; the tall grass bent nearly horizontal first this way, then that; then as I got to my car the rain started.

It poured torrents. My jeep, light as a feather and broad on a side as a frigate sail, was buffeted by seventy-plus mile an hour winds, and I even hydroplaned once!

I had it all under control though. I’m a surfer, remember? It’s just the world moving under my feet; all I have to do is find my groove and live my adventure.


(P.S. If you don’t know about the sailing stones of Death Valley, you can read the Wikipedia article here.)


  1. Congrats on the podcast – that’s cool! I really like what you wrote here and it beautifully sums up how I’ve been feeling…minus the hydroplaning and surfing πŸ™‚

  2. Wow – what a free-fall Monday!

    I’m glad that you sailed your way through safely – and my, what an adventure on so many fronts.

    Congrats and well, I’m off to visit the many delightful links here πŸ™‚

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