Daily Tanka —

L'été à Hamois
(Image credit: Luc Viatour)

. . . and they’re off!
Approaching the first turn
in epic scale —

fans bloom, going wild
for Earth’s greatest race




This is it, my friends: I have resorted to finding a prompt, and now I’m going to lay the secrets of the Universe out to you — as I always do — only this time, I had to turn to another source for inspiration. I’m not merely weaving it in to legitimately qualify (in my own mind) for posting rights, as I’m wont to do with the Daily Post (by the way, I’ve figured out my issue with them; chances are the only fault I can attribute to them is lousy communication,) but I had this tanka mostly figured out earlier. Then at the punch press I had a post idea, and then somewhere between there and here I lost it.

I just lost it.

Not like I used to lose it when things didn’t go my way; I didn’t lose it like Tonya Harding lost it right before she decided to pay someone to cripple her rival. It vanished right out of my head. Did I mention that my memory palace was foreclosed upon more than twenty years ago? I must have forgotten to make a payment at some point . . .

Holy $#!+, where does all that time go? Twenty years?  Back then, I never would have imagined that I would have a blog with 530 followers, people who may or may not (and I know some that do religiously) read it on a regular basis (about sixty of you are at this level of “oh my gosh, he came out of his hole!”) Part of the reason I couldn’t see this coming has a lot to do with the fact that blogs didn’t exist; part was because back then the most challenging thing I did was try to figure out how to play Sim City so my citizens wouldn’t fire me (I know, I’m just terrible at public policy) and part was because I didn’t know I could just write about stuff and people would like that.

By the way, you guys are great.

So about this prompt — it’s a great idea and all, but I might have to address it at a later date.

In the meantime, just live your adventure and remember what I said:

Something, something something, somethingsomethingsomething.

Goodnight and godspeed, America.


  1. Great post as usual :0

    Ah the days of Sim City —- or perhaps it should be Sin City, for omissions and errors — but hey, I just loved growing crops, watching buildings erect … etc. At least it was fun 😉

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