Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Memories of a Childhood Vacation

This week, Intrepid Reader, I have been moved to post again for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge, or what I like to think of as CΒ³. The topic for this week is “Memories of a Childhood Vacation”. I sat down last night with one idea, and I ended up drawing another one instead. It’s funny how that happens; it’s as if the plan is fully formed when you set yourself to doing something, and then without warning the task drags you along like a runaway St. Bernard — rolling and flailing at the (formerly) business end of the leash, you’re trying to protect your sensitive bits while trying to get a hold of the little barrel of whiskey tied around its neck, because at this point you figure you’ll either disinfect your wounds with it or you’ll need a stiff drink, or perhaps a bit of both.

So after that ordeal, I get this.




  1. I just love your drawings and the stories, although I am a tad preturbed but also a little in love with the younger you who resembles my all time hero Dennis the Mencace. I’ll bet you were a menace too lol Poor Mme Ross would probably say you still are πŸ™‚

  2. Great little piece this —- lol —- Madonna eh? *snorting* — I just can see a younger you bellowing it out!

      • Well, as long as you enjoyed yourself — and it brings to mind good memories; kinda like air guitar jamming, eh? πŸ˜‰

          • roflmbo —- well, then that’s a good thang …. as in, you still love doing it? or you aren’t freaked out about it from way back when? or both?

            Rock on Dude!

            • Lol ha ha!! Ok no, I’m not holding on to Madonna, but I have no problem admitting it because I know what kids do — because those who forget their youth are doomed to confusion, am I right?

              • Lol —- doomed to confusion? I *love* that.

                Actually, I’m not so sure about the “confusion” bit — perhaps, doomed to “anal retentiveness”?1 πŸ˜‰

                Confusion is good too – by choice of word for the situation — but it can be disastrous too – especially if one happens to be a middle-aged “dork” who has forgotten all the frivolities of youth and is running around being barking mad – as in angry and dictatorial. So, confusion in that sense is NOT good.

                Perhaps it would be best to break out the SuperSoakers and hit these people, including ourselves, from time to time, with a mega blast!

                Lol …..have a super Monday!

  3. I was drawn in by descriptions of your relatives, like Uncle Veachel calling a cut in the earth with a trickle of water a “creek” (but obviously pronouncing it “crick” in that Southern way).

    Grits. That reminds me of talking with a group about grits. The “bossybee” from the Deep South insisted over and over that I *had* to try it with milk– nevermind that I’d had milk over most every other grain that grew on the earth. The Texan had no problem with my revelation of eating it with cheese and green chiles.

    You blew through my neck of the woods recently– you can probably guess why west Texans and Okies might relocate here.

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