Cartoon Craziness Challenge — Build-a-Burger

The current week’s prompt for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge (C³) is “build-a-burger”. I had more than one idea for this one, but here’s the one that I made:

(Copyright late last night, yours truly. Use it but don’t abuse it.)

You probably shouldn’t watch this because after a while it looks like Bach is looking right into your soul and mining your thoughts like the NSA on spice melánge. Plus it clocks in at two hours and change, but it does make some nice background music if you leave it up while you do housework or something.


  1. My father-in-law may never forgive me for this, but I prefer Moog instrumentation to that of the viol family. To wit:

    NOTE: I believe this is the Wendy Carlos arrangement, but it’s not the Switched-On Bach recording. The user is using Moog synths for sure, but I’m betting dollars to donuts he’s using digital sequencers, which is much tighter than what Carlos used in the late ’60s.

    Thank you for my moment of synth geeking out. I tried to keep it short; I could blather on and on about this stuff.

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