Haiku Today 2015.03.25 —

(Image credit: Martin Fisch)


light echoes —
the space of my lens
mirrors yours


This haiku was inspired by This Haiku: Sure, Singular Ease by Lisa Rosier for today’s Daily Post Prompt: Third From the Top:

“Mirror that in yours”

It’s so hard to steal time away from life for writing, especially when writing is sidelined in favor of working a “real job”. To that end I dedicate ten hours a day, and up until recently that was six days a week most of the time. The recent past, however, has brought some interesting changes: a supervisor who actually knows how to get something done. The Sarge has cleaned house, and so now beginning this week I start getting some Fridays off . . .

Lucky me . . . maybe I’ll write something.

Maybe I’ll get a chance to explore.


(Header image by Alan Levine)


  1. Hmm… this is a happy-meking development, Rob ! =) You work overmuch, and now with the occasional Friday at your disposal, I am only imagine what you will be able to create, with a small bit of leisure at your disposal ! Congrats, enjoy the time ! =)

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