Looking for loose change

The drama of
an itinerant leaf
on the wind —
watch it soar!
You can’t take the sky away
from this voyager

So I knocked out this shadorma and in the process of crafting the post I decided to give the site a little facelift. Muting the colors on the site helps it feel a little more mature, I think, without losing any of the feel — the surf vibe, as it were. I clicked through the social media surfboards to see if they were still popping and realized I had, at one time, closed all my Twitter accounts. Well shoot, I had to do a new Twitter account for the blog! So I got that squared away and now it works again.

Then I got a wild hair in me — I visited the About page. It loads . . . and my eyes are instantly drawn to the words “Here’s to 2015”.

Aw, gee. Oh heck! Yeah — I touched that up. Surprisingly perennial content, though — if you’ve never, you should give it a little read-over! Feel free to like and subscribe, buy a t-shirt!

“Whoa there, Sarsparilla!”

No, really I’m not selling shirts. This site is not currently monetized in any way.

But the little fooling around on Twitter got me thinking . . . over the years, I must have lost like a hundred haiku on little sticky notes. Each one, wasted. Stone ground to dust and blown away. Well, I’ve decided that when I come up with some on-the-fly poem, I’m going to blast it to all my socials. It’s the least I can do to preserve it, right? I still have to find a way to do that, but I am confident that it exists.

I also feel like I could benefit from having Instagram in my social surfboard lineup. That might actually spark me into rekindling my appreciation of photography.

And all this on the heels of my search for a way to make my exercise routine work better, get more done in my life, etc. I know, I’ve been ranting about it, and it helps me clear out the cobwebs and get the gears going more smoothly. I think I’ve got the exercise thing figured out for the time being and I also think I need to play less video games!

But I’m a gamer!

I can make it work. I just gotta keep it loose, ride the waves, and get up when I fall.

I’m not giving up on this blog, and I’m not giving up on anything else. I’m big, I’m strong, I’m goddamn gorgeous, and I’m enforcing the law. I’m creating my world in my image and you are all welcome to visit.

Why else would I be doing this?

😉 til next time.


  1. I don’t know what a shadorma is but I love this poem. 😉 it says a lot a lot about life and the challenges in settling.
    I’m trying to learn how to make a t-shirt from a pboto of one of my artworks. There is a lot of graphic design computerish gibberish involved. It is doing my head in.

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