That molten bubble inched aloft, scouring the ground with light. Nothing remained but an insinuation that here . . . war touched ground.

I’m going to start touching back on flash fiction. I used to enjoy writing flash so much, and I think it’s time to get my mind back in that frame. I remember a time when my brain was burning with a dozen ideas at a time and I seemed to be pumping out flash at an amazing pace . . . 300 words, 150 words . . . maybe some shorter than that, I don’t remember. At the end of the day I feel like some formats may be pushing a boundary that allows it to sit in both the “terse” and “story” slots. Twenty words may be too few . . .

And then again, I’ve been known to surmount challenges like this.

Follow the links in the story’s text if you would like to discover the sources of my prompts: Fandango, Bulbul, and Ragtag Community. In the comments section there is much more to discover!

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