I should be doing it right now!

Today I want to spend a little time talking about “it”.

Of course I’m being vague; you may be wondering what “it” is. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some hate it and they do it anyway. Some people can’t get enough of it.

You can do it with your spouse, if they’re up for it. You can do it by yourself. You can do it in public, or you can do it in your secret hideout, like I do.

Lots of people do it, but probably not enough . . . or rather, more people should do it. Some might say there’s not enough time. Some might have other reasons. I don’t judge, though – and I’m not interested in telling people how to live their lives.

I might argue that I do it by running up and down stairs all night, down hallways during emergency calls, and by just walking – sometimes throwing down as many as 20,000 steps a day. I know that’s not enough though, and that alone isn’t going to do the trick for me. Plus, I don’t do this nearly enough . . . on my days off I get little of the regular movement activity

I used to run. In fact, I used to run a lot. I used to love it. Now, I’m trying to find my way back to doing that, because I could probably use more cardio. I enjoy riding my bicycle, but this is not the time of year for that. Most of the time I hide out in my little Batcave and sling iron. Chest and triceps on Monday, Back and biceps on Wednesday, legs and calves on Thursday, shoulders and traps on Saturday.

It’s not like I lift a lot of weight, but I’m pushing to be stronger, and to stay strong as I grow older. I admit my favorite exercises are bench press, dips, hex bar deadlifts, and dumbbell work. It gives me a reason to work on getting enough protein, it gives me a reason to eat more without worrying about gaining weight. But still . . . I need some cardio.

So maybe I’ll join a place with an indoor track.

What are your favorite activities? Do you exercise regularly? I’d love to hear about what works for you.


Feel free to share your thoughts!

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