This week’s Meatless Sunday . . .

. . . is moving to Monday because of Labor Day. Yesterday I ran 27 km and walked the last 2.5 km home. Then Karisa and I went to go grocery shopping, except we had to start out at Target so that I could stop my female in-laws from asking me what I want for my birthday; I got one of those scanner guns and started adding stuff to my Target wish list. Karisa got in on the fun and worked on hers, too. By the time we were done with that it was after six in the afternoon, and Karisa had gotten a handbasket with everything we needed and we still would have to have gone to Cashwise and then started prepping . . . oh, it was just too late.

So we had to postpone the grocery shopping until today, which is fine because there’s no work, school, or post today and so that means that the laundry and yard work I put off will get done today instead. I might work on a set of cardstock cover journals; I haven’t gotten around to listing the last one I made, but I should because I figure either school or the holidays would be a great time for something like that to sell.

And then there’s homework . . . oh, homework! I tell you, sometimes life doesn’t change very much from day to day, does it?

At any rate, look forward to Meatless Sunday being Meatless Monday this week, and then going back to Sunday next week. In other words, I’ll post that review and recipe tonight.

See you then!

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