Going clean and mowing green

So, remember in the last post how I mentioned that I mowed the lawn yesterday? That was phenomenal. You see, we had about whatever amount of grass a week ago, and then it started to rain for five straight days. Yesterday morning I come out and I gotta cut my way through a jungle to get the bike out of my shed. I knew I was going to have to mow the lawn or suffer the pain of knowing that my neighbors were judging me with their judging, neighbor-eyes.

So I got to bust out my new lawn mower for its first serious mow! Last year we were using one of those reel mowers that you push around and it was such a pain that we only mowed when the grass was really long. But we wanted to avoid getting a gas mower or an expensive mower. Finally at the end of the summer we broke down and got an electric mower. But not just any electric mower! Instead of a cord, this one has a lead-acid battery, like the one in your cat. Yes, your cat! No, I meant to type “car” there.

After we bought the mower there was this “invisible drought.” The grass did not grow and it barely rained. I was like a pig in slop though because the weather was always great, just this really dry heat that made me want to run with my shirt off. So far, this year is not the same. Oh well, c’est la vie. So I mowed a little bit one time to prove that it worked and satisfy myself that I wouldn’t have to return the thing.

I had to keep the battery trickle-charged all winter, so I put a reminder on my phone to go off every other Saturday to plug in the battery – come back fifteen minutes later, light is green. Put the battery away. I was told not to set it on concrete because somehow the energy would be sucked right out of it, so I kept it on a shelf in the basement.

Well, the mow went gloriously. I had to go over the lawn twice, because it was so long and I had to figure out the appropriate height for the mower deck. I had it all the way down so of course it was chewing up the high spots. It went through all of this like a champ; it starts with the press of a button, has a self-propel mechanism for weaklings, and when I was done the charge indicator was on yellow, not red.

So if anyone wants to get a leg-up on going green and is in the market for a mower, I totally recommend a lead-acid battery lawn mower. The brand of mine is Yard Works, I think. I got it from Menards for around $200. But the concept is key. It’s not internal combustion so the thing will probably never require repair or tuneups, definitely doesn’t need oil or gas… what a great way to go green on your green and save some green over the long run!

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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