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One more cup of coffee, and then I have to get ready for work. I’m still wearing my wrist braces because I’m too lazy to take them off until I have to, but that’s okay because I feel ergonomic while I’m typing – they always tell you how to hold your hands, but they never tell you it’s practically impossible to hold that position without wrist braces on! And I’m thinking about blogging.

I swear that I’m a writer, and I’ve always had this laziness where I would start a daily practice, and then let something get in my way and steer me away from it. Usually it’s time, but that’s everyone’s crutch, isn’t it? “Not enough time.” “I couldn’t find the time.” That seems to be my crutch for everything, and what did I do yesterday? I rode my bike to work, I worked for ten hours, blogged on my breaks and lunch, had a short text conversation with my wife, rode my bike home, mowed the lawn, turned over the compost pile (as best I could since it’s bedded with the grapevines we wrenched from the clutches of Mother Earth a couple years ago), took a shower, and spent less than three hours with my wife and daughter (including supper) before I was falling asleep and had to go to bed.

Three minutes ago, the alarm went off. I should be getting ready for work now, but I want to finish this post. See? I have to steal from life in order to write. That’s where the time comes from; I’m a time thief, and am I qualified to attest honestly to the quality of what I’m stealing to do? I can’t wait for this weekend – a three-day, one-day-paid weekend where I might be able to attack one of my better ideas. I have a little book I’ve been writing article ideas in, things that require more time and attention than I can give them in the space of the broken hour I get at work, or rather 75 minutes on my ten-hour days. When I don’t have a Saturday morning (because I have decided that I have the option of taking Sunday off) to work on something prolific (two-pager or better) you guys miss out on something I can really craft.

In the meantime, I have to write something to keep you busy. Fortunately, I have the Lumineers and my coffee to keep me motivated. Unfortunately, I gotta push and get ready for work. I have an idea for later – I always have some kind of an idea, but the words come in blurbs and they’re written hastily into an iPhone app because I have less than 30 minutes to get them down, proofread, and posted. That makes it tough.

And so, the challenge of writing moves on.

Eleven minutes ago, the alarm went off.
Gotta go.


  1. you do have the lumineers!
    it’s good youre aware of this …slowly if it stays in the front of ..or in your face..it wont burn up and fade away on the back burner.
    get it? i mean does that make sense…because by now you know i can turn logic on its face and make reality eat bb-q’d dragon.

    Im a time thief as well ..in a completely way…but the end result is the same…more time to do what we love..be who we know we are and not worry about some dude from ‘timecop’ busting in with his aklazerhovergun…no one owns time..it is a gift from the universe ..this modern life is stealing from us …one day if we stay aware…all we will here is silence…because we have won …there will be silence …the ticking second hand has burned up and faded away while we were doing what we love.

    • I know you have a special way with logic. I do have to keep it in my face, or else . . . you know what!! But here’s a question – will the silence be ours or the Earth’s? If our modern life is stealing from us (which I agree with completely) will there be a day when it steals so much time that it spells doom for the human race – not because of “mutually assured destruction” or some super-germ or extinction event, but that all of our time is owed before we can even get a start on life? If you can’t pay your mortgage you have to give your house back. . . how does that work with your life? We gotta steal to do what we need to, but you’re right – why should it be that way?

      • that was sadly my point…
        in my case im stealing not only time but life
        so it seems my time is all used up when im getting a start on life.
        when i read your post thats the first place my mind went…ive accepted the timecop is on his way ..but i realized (almost) everyone is forced to be a time thief.
        my logic can form a working equation for this one …all of the answers are null…are we as a species doomed to squalor and scenes from madmax then extinction….this is one thing i truly wish i could fix.
        unless our government really steps up and stops fighting over whose a socialist who has bangs and wtf is that guy doing in a tanning bed and seriously works it out …not in 8 or 10 years …more like 6 months or one year…everyone needs a tanning break….then the only answer lies in the hands of old school punk rock …anarchy…tear it down to built it back up ..and get it right.sheesh what a mess…..matbe if we invite congress to OMs party theyll chill and buddy up.

        • I hear that . I have a friend back in Detroit who would be all over that vibe – not people running riot, like the old people think anarchy means, but a new revolution, a new moral law and order without religious connotations or corporate interests. I have long believed that the world would be better off if only the terminally ill were eligible for office, because they don’t have time to screw around. They would get stuff done.

  2. you know i would.
    ..or id just force feed the country a party
    …dont go down the rabbit hole:)

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