I stood, overlooking the landscape of what was to be the project of a lifetime – the project which I always wanted to take on, but never before had the temerity to tackle with the intrepid interest I now felt. Moment by moment; day by day; weeks, months, and years passed as I toiled. When I finally looked back upon my accomplishment, I understood that I had conquered the task and still lived – but in so doing, I found that the tale had already been told.

The Trifextra challenge this week is “to tell a complete story in only three sentences.”


  1. That doesn’t mean it was any less of an accomplishment! All of that hard work produced something–that’s worth being proud of (:

  2. I get a sense of disappointment in this, but I hope the project can be viewed as no mere unoriginal copy but something of its own. That would mean all of that hard word wouldn’t have gone to waste.

    Thank you for linking up.

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