The Father’s Day Post

Well shoot, I didn’t get to post yesterday (correction: I forgot about Saturday Jams), didn’t do Trifextra or Flash Fiction Friday – am I slacking? Well… Not necessarily. It’s true that I’ve been busier than usual; hell, we’re all busy, but Thursday wast daughter’s first birthday, and Friday night was the party;
yesterday I had to work and then we celebrated Father’s Day with a dinner picnic at the park by the zoo;
Today is Father’s Day at the in-laws’,
and then we are preparing for a six-day trip to the Detroit area starting Thursday. There’s so much to do it seems like it won’t get done!

But I am writing, and I’ll be writing on my trip as well. I feel good about that. So today I will say that the past year has seen so many changes in myself because of my new role as a father. I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I look forward to what the future holds for my clan.

Happy Father’s Day to all the hard working, worrying, worn and weathered fathers out there. Keep on fighting the good fight!


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