Beyond Brangelina: The Supreme Court Decides Myriad Genetics

This is an interesting article on the question of whether companies can patent individual genes. My response went like this, and was submitted to the comments section:

I’m inclined toward the opinion that parts of the human genome aren’t patentable, because it’s like cutting a leaf off of a plant and trying to patent that – albeit on a smaller scale. If I were to create an entirely new leaf through some non-natural process, however, that would be patentable, and I probably would patent the process rather than the leaf itself, because then you can’t copy the leaf without the process, and then if one were to find a substantially different process to produce the same results, they should have patent protection for their process.

So maybe instead of trying to patent single genes, which is a trick that corporate pharmacological companies want to master for the sake of big-big profit, they should be more concerned with the honest pursuit of patents for isolation and diagnostic techniques. I’m not sure if that would make a difference in affordability and accessibility, but at least that would stop bringing up this absurd question of whether human genes can be patented.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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