Surf Artist Highlight: DAIKAIJU!

For this month’s Surf Artist Highlight we want to introduce you to a surf band that does it in all caps, selling itself with the enthusiasm of Japanese monster-movie hype and an image that would probably not fit in at the local tiki bar:

All reverb guitar action full on, GO!!!
All reverb guitar action full on, GO!!!

Daikaiju is an action-packed, kabuki-masked performance art band, which means that they’re just as interesting to see as they are to hear. They cultivate more mystery than history when it comes to figuring out who they are; all we can know for sure is that they formed in Huntsville, Alabama in 1999 and they have released two full-length albums to date: the self-titled Daikaiju in 2005 and Phase 2 in 2010. A visit to any of their online presences will reveal only these things:

Daikaiju (die-kie-joo)

Premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music! Special reverb skill combo for full impact! Loud sonic boom for earful pleasure!

Beautiful radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound creates divine psychic wind for your special protection.

Worship Psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!

(refresh your browser if the Soundcloud widget does not appear!)

Follow the links below to battle your way to more sonic goodies and reasonably-priced CDs!

The Larryville Chronicles: Interview with Daikaiju (August 20, 2012)
Youtube: Double-fist Attack



  1. They remind me a bit of Peelander-Z(from japan) because of the energy/ antics.

    While cleaning out stuff collected from booking bands i found a sweet signed Man or Astroman(we’ve booked them twice that i remember) poster…im thinking you should have it?:)

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