Not so great

Today’s Daily Post prompt asks: What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?

I think what really draws me to a blog in the first place is interesting writing or content. I like to see new stuff or think about things in new ways, but I don’t want to have to read a lot because I just don’t have a whole lot of time in which to read. That being said, I will follow a blog that is posting consistently interesting content of appropriate length. For the individual post, the same criteria would apply, but liking the post is often a different story. I refuse to like posts that are bad news in nature because who likes bad news? Unless it’s along the lines of creative non-fiction, there’s nothing to like about it – however, I will generally like anything interesting, anything inspiring, anything new.

So I feel like I’m losing my self-respect because now I don’t have time to do anything but Daily Post prompts most of the time. I can blame it on work, like its seriously not my fault, but what can I do about that? This is draining the interest out of my writing.

What do other bloggers like?


  1. Don’t let the DP (which sounds dirty by the way) ruin your zest for writing. This is one of the few places where you can just let what’s best in you shine….don’t snuff it out (also sounds mildly dirty).

    As far as me Liking blogs – I have bloggers I love that anything they write I will like and comment on. Some I admittedly skim if they are lacking in content but have gems here and there and I quit following people who preach at me. I like learning something new, something creative that makes me, in turn, more creative. I don’t need to be yelled out or talked down to. No religion and no politics if you are going to say it is my way or the highway.

    Also, I like bloggers who rant, it cleanses the soul 😉

    • I agree on the religion and politics thing and I’m sure you would agree that those two domains intersect far more than is comfortable. I tend to take a free view on religion because most would consider my personal beliefs to be weird and probably mistake them for atheism, while I tend to take a dim view on politics which is why I tend to be vague about the one and quiet about the other – either way you’ll find no hard lines on anything truly controversial on Rob’s Surf Report, because I’m sure people hear that elsewhere. At worst I think I may ask some very naive questions. 🙂 oh and look out because I have a rant coming up!

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