Recently I was out running and listening to one of my go-to podcasts, Stuff to Blow Your Mind. This is a show in which the hosts, Robert Lamb and Julie Douglas, talk about really interesting topics. The June 25th episode was called “Clocking In”, and it was about the nature of space and time. That show has been sticking with me all week, and it has been rolling around in my mind, throwing up great showers of sparks in my imagination.

Not far into the show I began to imagine space and time as Siamese twins; they grow, and are inextricably linked, together. Realizing I was beginning to dream up a mythos, I started to go with it. They weren’t just Siamese twins – born to a mysterious mother with darkness in her heart and chaos in her soul, she exists vicariously through her daughters to escape the madness of that chaos and the loneliness of that darkness. In this way she has found a creative outlet, a way to express herself, from the looping whorls of galaxies all the way down to sub-quantum interactions.

Interesting – last night I was reading the Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson and I found an interesting analogue in the story of Mary Barnes, who was locked in a state of schizophrenic madness, institutionalized, and finally allowed to express herself through the art of painting. I’ll spare you the unsavory details and highly recommend reading the book instead, but according to the author, “[h]er paintings were greatly admired in he 1960’s and 1970’s for illustrating the . . . complicated inner life of a schizophrenic.”

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  1. Im a lover of physics/quantum mechanics…the universe is my religion..as einstien said And i paraphrase not remembering exactly, we are energy, electrical impulses, energy will never cease to exist..

    And im interested in this book.psych was my initial major in college…quickly changed …great post brother

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