Squash flower

Some things make you feel like you’ve done well. Some things feel like its worth waiting for results. My three sisters garden is becoming something like that. This morning I stepped out of the house on a very tight time remaining to punch into work and I had to snap a couple of photos because I was utterly surprised to see that one of my squash plants had flowered – first flower of the three sisters garden!

The “three sisters” is a symbiotic combination of corn, squash, and beans that all work in tandem for sustainable, bountiful crop production. The Mandan Indians used it here; I learned that when I toured the mound village at Fort Lincoln, but it was an article in Popular Mechanics that made me realize I could do it in the small corner of my backyard. We have corn, zucchini and yellow squash, and sweet peas. So far it’s doing well, and I look forward to future epicness.



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