Exploring Emotions

I like this – posts like this make me wish that I could “favorite” individual blog posts. If you’re a creator, it’s a must-read.

The Quick, Not The Dead

The best creations in the world come from exploring an emotion. Emotions tie us all together. We’re all capable of happiness, sadness, dismay, amusement, love, fear, anger, hope. They’re a universal constant we can use to create in a voice that is our own but a work that works in any language. We use our creative medium of choice to express those emotions. The most we can do in this world is reach out with our own emotions through our creations and try to touch the souls of others.

I keep coming back around to something Jean Luc Godard said in an interview. He was talking about ways of making a film and he talked a bit about his own way of creating. He said, “…It usually starts with an abstract feeling, a sort of strange attraction to something I am not sure of. And making the film is a…

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