REACH: Cradle of Life

In the beginning,
the Great Mother
whose mind boils in Chaos
did reach toward the seed of light
crafted by her daughters.

She sunk her fingers deep
until it fell in chunks all around;
embedded in the void,
burning from the touch
of primal Chaos,
her grandchildren became the stars.

This flash fiction in 50 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan


  1. Rob, I can’t express enough how eerie and in tune with my experiences this flash is…we are both slight physics/math nerds…and if I haven’t told you before…when I was in a three month belief in the multiverse was solidified. In fact somewhere out there I’m positive you are my twin brother.
    I actually cried upon reading this because (spending more of my life in the hospital than out) this is to the tee…exactly how I escape when laying in the hospital bed.
    This flash is for more meaningful than you may have intended….thank you.

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