Could you really figure out who I am by looking at my blog?

I’ll tell you, I’ve never thought of my blog as a mirror before; so does it tell you anything about me?

Is it possible that my blog has more to say about me than my palm does?

Sunset Surfer
Sunset Surfer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, this is starting to get a little silly. Of course it tells you about me! First of all, just based on the theme and the title alone, it tells you that I like surfing. In fact, I have to point out blatantly that I am not a surfer so that people don’t think that I’m trying to be a poser. I also like to say that I’m using surfing as a metaphor for life and the journey, so that people understand that I’m not always going to be posting about surfing.

Now honestly, I’m not quite sure how I come off in print; people do seem to like me, although I may just be reading that wrong. I would like for people to like me, but that’s not a requirement, and it won’t break my heart if I end up being disliked. I’d be more disappointed in myself knowing that I must have offended people; I really don’t want to do that. Maybe I come off as being a little more philosophical, because I like to pose questions, and I like to make people think. There’s nothing wrong with that, and hopefully if people were to take it the wrong way, they would rather ignore me than leave rude remarks. So far, so good. I have had one person leave rude remarks on this blog, and that one seemed to be more offended that I was writing about my crafting, and that I was writing really long posts – I got the feeling that someone in school (college) was baiting me.

So I don’t know, and I really couldn’t tell you what my blog tells you about me; that’s got me wondering: what does my blog tell you about me? I really would appreciate your input – make sure to leave a comment and fill me in.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.

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