Left: A Silent Crashing

Eileen Moore — a.k.a. “The Wave”.

She glided in under cover of darkness, set to powerwash the compound — not to flush them out, but dissolve them.

Presence detection at full power; eighty-three targets acquired.

She was a machine — quiet, efficient. Within half an hour nobody was left; eighty-three people were vapor, including their outspoken “Captain” Tommy Marshall —

washed away, as it were.

This was her job: safeguarding. . .


From what?

Agent Moore proceeded,

without an answer.

This flash fiction in 75 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan


  1. That first line really held the most punch for me. I loved how when she glided she “set to powerwash the compound.” Perfect! Look forward to reading more! -Alena S.Y., paperback-marmalade.me

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