Around: Contagion

English: Logo of the Centers for Disease Contr...
English: Logo of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency within the United States Department of Health and Human Services. White on blue background with white rays but no white “burst”. No detailed wording. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it started going around we assumed biological warfare, except every patient presented a different set of symptoms.

Things got weirder when the CDC finally received a spectrum of blood and tissue samples.

“Group 1 comprises several specialized proteins previously unseen in nature. Functions range from hormone regulation to facilitating satellite network connections. These artificial bacteria are self-replicating and air-transmissible. . .”

So they weren’t trying to kill us, but control us; and they were getting close.

This flash fiction in 75 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan


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